Buy Or Sell Who Knows


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What is coming up that is going to keep us from either investing or make us change our investing in something we have never invested in before. Maybe what is going to happen is going to take what little extra money we do have to invest and we find ourselves just barely holding on. Whatever happens depends on what Congress decides to do with our interest rate, which it makes it hard to buy or sell. who knows.

We can almost guess that they more than likely will vote to raise the interest rate some time this year because the government is so far in debt that they can no longer keep the country at bay with such low interest rates. If they do vote to raise the interest, then our lives will be at a wits end. Many will be unemployed, homes will drop in price again, interest rates for homes and cars will rise meaning that sales will drop. Already food prices have been climbing and with the interest rate up so will many other things raise, but not Dow Jones.We will see Wall Street take a hit and no one is going to know where to go.

It is wise to be prepared for what will happen this year. Now, there is a possibility that gold and silver will begin to climb, because our dollar will be close to being worthless. There will be even many more people depending on the government for food and shelter, which is going to put another crisis on the government and state governments, causing more government spending and possibly many cutbacks on those on Medicare and Social Security. Here is something we should keep in mind, since oil prices have been very low we need to keep an eye on the market when there is a sharp drop usually around the corner there is a rise, so we may need to invest back into oil shortly. Bonds will be worthless due to the fact they backed by the government when the interest rates rises and the dollar drops, the government and the economy will take a big hit. Since the government is the creator of the bonds and their backer, we will see bonds take their toil.

It is hard to tell what the government will do but we have had low interest for so long and our dollar has become so weak, I have a feeling they will be voting for higher interest and there has been several researcher saying the same thing. So take care in what you are investing in and hold to what is the only money you may have. It may be wise to purchase Gold or precious metals and put in a safe place for a good investment. Remember gold diamonds exchange should be carefully watched and wheter you should buy or sell, who knows.


Is It Time To Buy Actual Gold Or Stocks


gold-and-silver-bullion-pension-gold-investing-e1423152913266Is it time to buy actual gold or stocks, that is a good question. With money tight and no one really sure what to do, it is hard to decide whether or not to let your money go. For those of you who are about to retire, with the price of gold and silver down, it might be wise for you to invest in gold coins and bullion, that you could put in a safety deposit box or in a safe. This will give you money to use at a later date when gold price raises and we all know that it always does. Being low is a good time to buy and hold on until it is higher, then we sell what we need . We don’t have to pay a Capital Gains tax on that money as we do with our Traditional IRAs.

Now as for stocks they are doing pretty good right now and how long that will last it is hard to say, but it would be wise to talk with your broker to invest in stocks having something to do with oil considering oil prices are beginning to climb. It really would have been great if you could have gotten to buy some stocks while they were still down but they are still low and everyone is out there buying so if you want to buy some stocks think of oil.

As far as the new digging devices that have been out there, I don’t think I would be investing in those companies. I have a feeling they may be put to a stop with all the earthquakes happening. So you may be taking a big chance purchasing stocks with those companies.

Another stock to be thinking about is bottled water. Our water supply is getting short in several States, not only that but much of the water is becoming polluted and undrinkable, so what are people doing, buying large amounts of bottled water. I have a feeling this is just going to grow even more along with the plastic companies. So have your broker look into it and see what he thinks.

Sometimes buying stocks that are not the most noted will soon be the most popular once we begin to see how our country is changing. Who knows how long our dollar bill is going to last, but we know that gold, silver and precious metals will be around forever. So make your decision wisely whether to buy gold or stocks

Is Oil Price Beginning To Rise


oil-barrels-symbols-vector-523411Now, is oil price beginning to rise, because the stocks have gone up and so has gas and oil price, so does that mean oil prices are going to continue to rise,because gas prices are rising, although I heard the oil price was at record low for a continuous of ten weeks in a row. Whether that means it is on a continuous rise or not is hard to say. I know I invested in oil energy and my stocks have been going up just a little.

With oil prices jumping up and down it is hard to tell what we really should do, but when a stock can’t seem to make up its mind if it is going to go up or down, then usually, it really begins to take a rise. So, sometimes it is smart to buy stocks you know will eventually rise, even when its acting strange. You may not want to invest heavily. but a little at a time will not hurt you. Just keep a watch on it. It is hard to put on a trade stop because the stock seems to be jumping all over. You might be able to put one on to keep it from bottoming out on you, just be sure to it give plenty of lee way.

Gold and silver are two metals that are doing the same thing as oil if not worse, maybe because the dollar is jumping around on the market. When it goes down the precious metals goes up and then when it goes up the gold and silver goes down. I really don’t know how long the dollar is going to last. I know it has lasted longer than what most researcher thought it would.

Knowing the dollar is not going to be able to hold its own for much longer it is wise to invest into some gold and silver. More into coins, because once the dollar is worthless you will have to have something to trade for food.

Another thing to keep in mind if oil is beginning to rise, it means our economy will begin to have troubles again. Even though right now the housing jumped up 2.2% from the last month. We may see it fall again if oil reaches the high numbers it was in the last year. If so stocks will begin to fall even more and everyone will begin having problems.

Some of the researcher are forecasting problems to begin sometime in July but I son’t seem to think so. Dow has been staying up, but who knows how long. Interest is beginning to climb and that may slow down housing as well as the stock market, It would be nice to get an answer to the question Is oil price beginning to rise, because maybe we could start to prepare for it.


How To Invest In Gold Or Silver Stocks


yellow wstock18958289-stock-market-graph-and-bar-chartHave you ever wanted to do an investment but had no idea on how to do it, and deep down you were even nervous about doing it. Well hopefully, this blog will set you at ease and help you teach you how to invest in gold and silver stocks with caution and make you money.

Investors trading stocks within the stock exchange these days, can keep searching for stock picks that they feel will create them a good return and can make them some money. They watch the stock exchange and analyze all the information from the political news to the economy. If things are positive they will look around for firms that are posting effective profits. However, this is in great times known as the bull market. When the market reverses and becomes weak, causing the investor to sell stock , they will buy gold. Gold is a safe haven in hard times and even gold stocks are bought.

However, if you have no idea about investing then investing can be very risky. There  are many firms out there that you can call and brokers that will help you invest, the only problem is most of them charge a fee and a percentage. Fidelity just charges a percentage and if you check around you may find other companies that don’t charge both. Sometimes though the more you pay the better you get in help so it is hard to tell just which way to go. At first maybe it would be wiser to go with a company you can get  a broker that will actually sit down and work with you. As you figure out what you are doing  you can go to different companies, never think you have to stay in one place. Get on your computer, call around, ask friends if they have invested and who they invested with and one of the best things to have is called Trade Stop. If you get this, it will sell your stock when it drops at a price that is too low that you set and it will sell it for you  when it reaches a peak price that you set it to reach. It will protect you from taking a big loss.

When looking around for a firm, have an idea what you want to invest in. You can  watch television or get on your computer to find a few ideas, again talk with friends. Precious metals have been bouncing all over. Platinum is beginning to beat gold due to the fact that it is being used in factories. This making Platinum stocks to go up.

Don’t think you need to invest all your money into stocks. You can buy gold coins, gold bullion, gold ornaments, gold mutual and etc. It has been said that the older coins have the greater value.

When you play the market, it is wise not to do more than you have to spend. You can set some of your money for stocks to be used in IRAs which can be used as a tax investment and a retirement benefit. The time to start saving is the best time. If you should want some information on brokers leave a comment in Contact.

How To Make Money With Your Old Jewelry


buy-gold-louis-pawn-shop-woodson-loan-jewelry-37595Are you short of money or planning on buying something special, maybe even taking a special vacation and need extra cash. Then if you have some old gold jewelry laying around you never wear or maybe needs repair then think of selling it and with this article you will find tips on how to make money with your old jewelry.

When it comes to selling gold, it is important to make sure that you are able to get the best price for it. And this is why these tips can help in getting the most out of your gold.

Before selling gold items, see to it that you know how much they’re really worth is. By weighing the gold pieces and looking at their hallmarks, this will help in assessing their worth as based on the current price of gold in the market. Another option would be taking the gold items to any known jeweler for evaluation. Jewelers, especially professional and certified ones, can provide you an exact idea regarding how much your gold is worth. This is because they have more skills and knowledge regarding this. These days, you have lots of options when it comes to selling gold jewelry, but if you are looking for the best value, the place to go is the internet. Quickly replacing traditional venues like pawn shops and jewelry stores, online buyers offer you the best price for your gold jewelry because they cut out the middlemanand let you sell directly to the refiner. That means it is easier than ever to make more money and do it with the added convenience of selling gold jewelry directly from your home. Just make sure they are legit and you get a receipt..

If you feel safer selling to a buyer in your area just make sure you have some idea of your worth. Go to several places don’t sell to the first place, sometimes just telling the store owner that you are going to check other buyers may up their price. Hopefully, you will achieve what you were wanting when you sell your gold and don’t forget those diamonds, they also will bring you money. Do the same thing as you did with your gold, have them checked out by a jeweler, he will tell you what they are approximately worth. Also some gold buyers are not interested in the diamonds and have no idea how to price them, in that case it would be wise to sell the gold and ask for them to give you back the diamonds or find a place that buys both. The internet usually is just buying gold to melt down so it is wise to find a store in your hometown to handle your diamonds that is attached to the gold.

Anyway there are many different types of buyers and starting on the computer can lead you to even one nearby. Good luck and hope you have a little idea on how to make moneywith your old jewelry.


What Can You Do With Gold And Diamonds

  Lets first talk about how serious you are about the person you care about and how long you have been going together. If you have just met ,remember it would be wise  not  to spend a lot. Stick to silver, maybe a charm bracelet for a girl or a masculine necklace for a guy, for the guy, just make the pendant silver not the chain. One thing with the girl, you can always just buy her more charms.

As the relationship moves on, so does the expense of the jewelry. You men know how women love jewelry, and sometimes buying at a jewelry store is not always the best place to buy. You can always check out pawn shops. There you can find all kinds of jewelry for a lot less. Especially if you are getting ready to purchase a diamond, but make sure you get a receipt from them stating so. You can always take it to a jeweler to find out for sure and don’t lose that receipt if you want to take it back.

Now you women, guys really like watches and pawn shops carry many watches that you could even buy in gold. So as your relationship progresses and you want to purchase something special check out there. Remember, if your purchasing gold make sure you see somewhere it is stamped with a K.

When it comes to that special ring, diamonds are the girls best friend, so the ring that has a very large diamond or several will make her happy.  It is best to take her jewelry shopping to get an idea of what she likes is white or yellow gold. Sometimes women can be finicky. Then of course you women really have it easy, because the man’s ring usually matches the woman’s ring. How easy is that.

Today there are so many precious metals and even the diamonds are coming in different colors so that finding jewelry is fun and easy to purchase. As you read the other blogs you will find out just what can be done with all those precious  metals and gems. You will also find out about different diamonds and how some diamond mines are becoming a rarity.

How Rare Are Diamonds

Have you ever wondered just really how rare are diamonds. Diamonds are what women have always dreamed of owning, but do they really realize the true value of that diamond. Today some diamonds are very rare and to buy one can be very costly, but what is really strange, diamonds that have been used in construction and are in vast amounts, still are quite costly, which will be explained in this article.

The diamonds you see in the slide show above are all rare but one, and that one is known as the brown diamond or today we know it as the chocolate diamond in order to sell it. Considering we love to eat chocolate , the company that began using the brown diamond in their jewelry design, decided to call it a chocolate diamond to make it sound more desirable, unfortunately, the resale on that diamond  will be a lot less than what you paid for it. The designer that uses this diamond will use large diamonds and multiple diamonds to make the rings seem very costly but in reality to other diamond rings with more gold and rare diamonds if a lot smaller, are in no comparison.

In truth investing in diamonds is not wise as a purchase in jewelry but to invest in the rare colored diamonds, if you can find and afford them, would be a good investment. The stock market is beginning to take a turn, especially on the diamond mines of rare diamonds, if you want stock exchanges, it would be wise to check into the different markets and start out with small amounts making sure you have trade stops in place.

A trade stop is a way for you to control how much your stocks can drop or rise before selling, that is wise to to place a trade stop on stock investments that may be hard to tell exactly what is going to happen with them. This way you don’t take a chance of losing all your investment.

So as you can see how rare are diamonds just depends which diamond it is.