Should You Invest In Gold


usagoldcoinsThe question should you invest in gold is becoming even more frightening with DOW dropping more and more every day. What is gold doing, it appears to be climbing and that is due to the fact that the DOW is dropping. The only thing is most researcher are predicting that we are going to go into a major depression and stocks will be worthless. Ron Paul  a past candidate for President is also predicting a major collapse in our markets and in the value of our dollar. He says we need to be buying gold in bullion and coins and putting it in a safe place to have it for spending money because the dollar will be worthless.

Ten countries already do not accept our dollar. Then of course there are several countries own dollar that has lost a lot of value until there country is broke. So should you invest in gold, maybe not in stocks but in actual gold. Whether you should put it in a bank is also very questionable because if our economy does collapse then the chances for banks to close, will be very high, it has happened before and it can happen again. Ron Paul even believes that the Federal government will take our IRAs and our 401 Ks. That no one will receive Social Security anymore and many people will be without money.

If any of this should happen we need to start preparing now, if we can. Gold and Silver are high to purchase but if it at all possible begin buying before they become completely out of reach. Save them for the day we may see the interest rising, which they are already talking about. When the interest rises the dollar goes down and gold goes up. When our dollar becomes worthless we will really need to worry.

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