Bitcoin Predictions For 2016

Is everyone wondering what Bitcoin is going to do in 2016? I know I am. It seems to be jumping around a lot right now and nobody seems to know what is going to happen but I have a video made by Steve Zibler on October 12, 2015  for you to watch that is going to give you his Bitcoin prediction for 2016. I agree with him that we are going to hit a crisis, possibly this year and there will be many investing in the Bitcoin, but he does not think that it is the crisis that is what actually makes the Bitcoin take such a leap in its value. In his video he will show you graphs and explain his concepts of why he thinks that Bitcoin will take a leap in August of 2016.

There are others who are believing we are also going to be hit with an economy crash and we will notice a rise in oil and gold. That is why many are saying if you have the money you need to start investing in precious metals and if you don’t have the money find someone who can help you invest in stocks in gold mines that should give you a good return but won’t take much of your money upfront.

Even the Bitcoin is a little high to invest in so just get a few if you are short on money and buy conservatively, but  hold on to them until they take a rise and then use them to purchase the things you need. The only time to use the Bitcoin is when it is worth substantially more than what you paid for it. If you purchase them when they are high then decide to use them to purchase something like a cupcake, you  could be spending close to twenty dollars for that cupcake. So remember what you purchased them for and what the values are when you are ready to spend them.

It is important you understand h0w Bitcoin actually works and there will be more articles to help you understand how to use them and how to obtain them. So keep on your toes if you are interested in Bitcoin and watch what the Bitcoin prediction is for 2016.