Will Wall Street Survive With Trump As President


05-26-wall-street-trump-presidencyThe poor and blue collar workers joined together for a change in America that we may all be dismayed in seeing. Will Wall Street survive Trump as President, and will those on Social Security be able to make ends meet when he decides to take $182 from those getting a check of $1360 or more. Will single parents be able to afford their taxes when he puts a cut in deductibles.

Stocks have began to drop and the Mexican peso and Euro are both dropping in value since Trump has been elected. Many traders have changed their stocks for gold to be on the safe side and gold is climbing. Researcher have been saying are economy was going to take a hit but for some reason everything seemed to be going well. Then Trump was elected and our economy is now taking the hit. Too many people are fleeing Wall street.

Several Canadian realtors have stated that many Americans are looking for homes in Canada. Several of our college students are looking to go to college in Canada. This actually started before the election because many of the people leaving America did not want to stay here if Clinton or Trump won the election. I am a Republican, but I am on Social Security and my husband will be going on Social Security in a few years, It frightened me to have Trump win, my husband may have to work several more years and not get the amount he should have gotten because of Trump.

Those that are at retirement age may have problems if they don’t have any 401Ks or IRAs to help them with their income if Trump decides to cut back on their Social Securities, because I can guarantee all our other cost of living will raise. He wants to cut all European and Asian ties. American made products are not cheap, plus we no longer produce a lot of the products that are brought over from other countries. Maybe, this is where he plans those extra jobs, but he plans on letting the States control the wages, so we still may have low minimum wages.

Will we survive Trump as president, I hope so. What I saw on TV last night as people surrounded the White House climbing in the trees, yelling and carrying on against their own president, I begin to wonder if the lower class people are beginning to get out of control and now want control. I just hope Trump isn’t edging them on so we end up fighting amongst ourselves. Obama has his hands full by trying to reassure the Chinese and Iranians that America won’t do anything foolish for now.

So far, Wall Street is suffering from whiplash the day after election. It can’t seem to make up its mind what it should do. One minute it is up the next it is down. Mexican and American billionaires lost billions of dollars when trade began but luckily Trumps acceptance speech seemed to bring the futures up a little and the markets seem to be faring much better than what many researcher thought they would. So now, will Wall Street survive with Trump as President the rest of his term?