My mother was addicted to the stock exchanges and she became addicted at age 60. She started putting her money in just a few stocks and bonds, that she had studied for awhile, to see exactly what was going on with them. She became so addicted to the TV, she would watch the markets when they came on in the morning and turned them off late afternoon. The main thing was she began making money and a lot of money, that was when she began to nag at me to do the same.

My name is Chris Ankeny and I am a 66 year old female, who is involved with many things. I am a retired nurse, an artist and designer. I have taken many classes in a lot of things, but never finished any one particular major. When I was going to the University of California, I majored in science and math, but I married and moved from California to Iowa so I never finished and went on to be a nurse, but I also took several other classes and with my mothers constant nagging got into the markets, which today are very volatile.

I am married with 4 children, 3 doing well and working hard, one especially doing well who is a multimillionaire, an owner of a corporation and 37 businesses of his own. As you can guess, he is also in the stocks.

I enjoy building websites to help people and have several that teaches you how to avoid being scammed,  to use credit cards correctly, and if you are scammed then the site you need is http://refundordispute.com, another site I have is http://needmedadvice.com. This one helps you understand your doctor, keeps you from getting incompatible drugs, and what to do about your labs and best of all how to stay fit. Want to learn how to remodel your home then check out http://easydesigndollar.com. My favorite is http://photographyorart.com, being an artist it is great fun to write articles to help people enjoy art and be able to learn more about being artistic with a brush or with a camera.

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